Canada lacks an online education strategy

Canada needs an online education strategy – The Globe and Mail.

Unfortunately the article muses on the need for a Canadian identity in this initiative, we still seem slight on ideas.  Does anyone out there know of institutions with concrete Educational Technology Planning units?  I can speak to SIAST having one.


Teachers turning off all electronic devices in class

<sarcasm> Way to fight it! We will get this Pandora’s box shut I swear! </sarcasm>

Elementary teachers union updates electronic device policy – Toronto – CBC News.

Interestingly in the same article…

“In a separate resolution, ETFO voted to study the effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, the potentially harmful radiation emitted by cellphones. A report is due on the matter in February.”


Breaking News – Tablets are being used in classrooms

This might not be news to some of you out there, but for others it may be an reinforcing piece of information. Unfortunately I find the article somewhat misguided…

“When tablets surged in popularity with the introduction of the Android operating system…”

<slow clap>

Nice to know that Android did most of the heavy lifting in bringing tablets to the market. Also…

 “The key to using a tablet in the classroom is finding models that have as many connectivity ports as possible. Ports provide the flexibility of connecting directly to a PC hard drive for file saving and storage.”

Which totally misses a little something I like to call “pedagogy” (look it up, it is going to be huge) and design, let alone the need to be system agnostic or cloud accessible. But alas, it looks like my interest in this article is to shoot apart it’s fallacies.

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Perhaps I am being too harsh? Digest for yourself in the link as follows:

via More tablets showing up on campus.