New online initiative in Ontario centralizes offerings

Some forward thinking going on here, at least in academic terms.  How does this equate to the Dean’s agreement out here in the west?

New online initiative needs input from university teachers, say Ontario profs | OCUFA.


Look back in anger? A review of online learning in 2013

Damn you Tony Bates, making me blog again! Following is the link to the article that has brought me back from my hiatus. Tony gives his 2013 year in review. All I can say is he is bang on.

Look back in anger? A review of online learning in 2013.

Teachers turning off all electronic devices in class

<sarcasm> Way to fight it! We will get this Pandora’s box shut I swear! </sarcasm>

Elementary teachers union updates electronic device policy – Toronto – CBC News.

Interestingly in the same article…

“In a separate resolution, ETFO voted to study the effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, the potentially harmful radiation emitted by cellphones. A report is due on the matter in February.”