Peak Campus: 6 Converging Trends


“freshman class sizes have grown and become more dependent on multiple-choice exams, online plagiarism detection, adjunct faculty and teaching assistants”

Peak Campus: 6 Converging Trends – Eduvation.

Fantastic article. Well put.

Why is it that the universities don’t seem to recognize this? I look on campuses and see construction hats and cranes.  The motto is bums in seats and generalized course offerings.  How does this mesh with Baby Boom Bust trends and the fact that Canadians are not reproducing in numbers?

“Statistics Canada forecasts a decline of more than 400,000 youth between 2013 and 2028”

This is a no brainer, but nobody likes the answer of downsizing and specializing.  Budgets will ultimately force that hand.

“institutional leaders and government policymakers alike need to recognize that, over the next fifteen years, campus populations and physical infrastructure needs will plateau, decline, or grow more slowly at the majority of Canada’s universities. Budget planning cannot depend upon steadily rising enrolments”

“the University of Alberta has started exploring the possibilities of modular certificates that could be assembled into a degree over time”

BRAVO Ken Steele


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